Tim Longville, 30a Mill Road

Tim Longville

In 1966, Tim Longville, Gordon Jackson and John Riley set up the Grosseteste Press in this Mill Road flat. Among their publications were the Collected Works of John Riley; the miraculous first pamphlet of Séan Rafferty, by then in his mid-Sixties; John James’ Berlin Return; and J.H. Prynne’s The White Stones.

Longville no longer writes poetry; there is some news of him in this very interesting talk by Ian Brinton, about the acquisition of the Grosseteste Archives for the Cambridge University Library (search on page for ’19th February’ to find the beginning).

UPDATE: Ian Brinton got in touch; in fact, the Press almost certainly wasn’t set up in this flat. Gordon Jackson was living in Lincoln at the time, and commisioned John Riley as editor, who then recruited Longville as co-editor. Longville was definitely living here at this address in 1966, but the rest of the first sentence seems erroneous.


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